Among the many organizations and companies, shops and businesses that are engaged in similar business, to succeed, it is important to be able to stand out and create a unique image. The struggle for the buyer is the driving force for the formation of its unique style, which only provide parts store among numerous competitors.
Corporate identity is a type of marketing communications. This advertising and promotion, and development of a positive image of the company, and the formation of the brand. Thanks to him, the online auto parts store can expect to improve sales and build a trusting relationship with clients.

What are the components of corporate identity?

One of the most important are:

  • trademark,
  • logo Design,
  • letterhead,
  • personal slogan,
  • his choice of color palettes.

They are complemented by: corporate font, possible corporate hero, etc..
Using these basic elements of corporate identity, software for automobile dealer 
generates among its customers and partners a general idea about yourself. If authenticityrespected (correspondence with each other), the firm can acquire a lot of advantages thatmake it recognizable and stand out among the other competitors. Also, it would be beneficial and internal unity.

Visualization of corporate identity

Internet auto parts store can use its corporate identity, causing him to brochures, calendars of various sizes, notebooks, posters and other printing industry. An interesting option would be to use a corporate member for souvenirs: pens, keyrings, desktop sets, magnets or plastic bags.
His personal style can be placed on delovodcheskoy products. Thus, forms, folders, envelopes, and much more, with logo's look at the familiar colors, characters or words. One way to identify workers - identity documents with corporate logo (badge or business card).
Benefits when there is corporate identity

  • The opportunity for online auto parts store to introduce a new product at a low cost,
  • Fast orientation buyer's familiar logo liked the product,
  • Strengthening action advertising,
  • Patriotism staff and the formation of corporate spirit, and as a result, productivity,
  • Increases positive impression about the company.

Corporate identity identifies a specific item shop among other competing products. He makes it recognizable and helps to quickly remember about the company to its customers and business partners.


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