In today's world in order to increase sales, attract new customers and improve the quality of service auto shop owners increasingly resort to the means of the Internet, namely the deployment of a trading platform for the sale of spare parts (online store). The important role played by the functionality of the internet shop. Standard platform online store usually includes:

  • Personal account of the user;
  • Order through the basket;
  • The system of feedback and suggestions;
  • Feedback;
  • Driving directions.

These capabilities are ideal for selling electronics and any other things but not the parts, this is due to the specifics of a particular product and its sales. As a result, use of non-dedicated platform client faces a number of disadvantages associated with the search and selection of products, which can lead to a negative attitude to the resource and the further loss of customers. The standard platforms stores do not provide such features as:

  • Loading a large number of price lists from the many thousands of positions;
  • Intelligent search by number auto parts;
  • Integrated parts catalogs by brand;
  • Request for on VIN;
  • Working with the order of position (example: a customer ordered three items, available in only one position, the client can pick up the existing position, it is assigned the status completed and the remaining positions exist in a separate mode, to maintain the status for execution);
  • Keeping detailed financial statistics for each client;
  • The on-line advising clients on auto parts;
  • More information..


This development can be ordered under WEB Studio programmers, but then you risk to face properly the requirements specification, which will lead to the creation of a defective product. WEB studio does not provide services to further support its product development and the like is quite expensive and time consuming.

Better, faster and cheaper to buy ready-made development.
Platform Online Store «ZapScript» ( Development of online auto parts store ) is the first and only platform designed especially for the sale of spare parts, it includes all the advantages of a standard platform and previously inaccessible opportunities. Moreover, this solution can be integrated with such well-known services such as "search-avtozapchastey.rf" that at the start of the store allows you to attract new customers. Together with the written support of the platform, this solution is unique in the market auto parts stores.


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