It is necessary to divide for an online store is a price list. It not only gives customers a complete picture of the pricing policy of the owner of the resource, but also helps the seller as quickly as possible to answer your questions more specifically, as well as to maintain prices for commodity positions to date. To the price lists were uploaded to the site on time and in the right form was developed convenient and intuitive wizard downloads.

Preparation and unloading price list

To get started with the administrative part of the online store you need to log in using the username and password. After that on the page to select the interface section Download price list.It is worth noting that the successful landing of the file it has to be in text format - .txt, preferably with a single Unicode encoding, or in .csv format, which is generated from the standard program MS Office Excel. Once the price list is ready, it can be uploaded to the site by means of the usual features Overview. This method conditionally friendly and familiar to all users of Windows, and therefore recognized as a classic. Its main feature is the need for constant manual update file and its subsequent discharge to the site after each modification. P>

The loader price lists

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To work with the prices was automated and the seller and the buyer have not been put in an awkward situation inconsistencies or lack of value of a given position, it was developed software - Bootloader price lists. It is set on the Windows operating system and it is automatically unzipped to the specified location on the disc.
After authorization, following a simple and intuitive steps interface site owner can create templates for each supplier and its price lists, adjusting margins (factors), discount or having names that wants to display on pages in the online store. This loader is convenient because its interface russkoyazychen, all the concepts are clear, the system works harmoniously and automatically, thus greatly facilitating the seller to work on the preparation and discharge rates.
The boot loader configuration can avoid manual work, which takes the lion's share of time content manager and site administrator. Similarly, you can create the necessary patterns under the price-lists of specific suppliers, managing the old data and adding new ones. Loader window is so clear and logically developed that the site owner can only fill in the required fields.


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