The unequivocal answer to the question of the motorist - what better to buy parts for the modern vehicle imported is still no. The original and new are very expensive new, but not manufactured on the company's plant can draw and justify the trust of the poor quality of the material, the weak casting or slipshod welding, the original b / u sometimes really beneficial, but not all cases are suitable. The question really interesting, and only those who regularly served by the official services, are not looking for an answer.
If we consider the problem in a straight line, then of course only one way out - the original and the new parts. However, today's figures in the currency market and near-term prospects of the next increase inexorably becoming a weighty argument for the consideration of alternative proposals, namely the purchase of parts is not new, or their non-native counterparts. In addition, the time of delivery of the original parts from the online shop or offline interior parts is much higher than the desired term, during which the buyer is willing to wait, and if the car is not new, and it seems the prospect of change, the used parts is almost the only option.
When it is used / parts? In cases where the need is the original model, is often put forward such requirements to the airbags, manual transmission, which were made specifically for this model of car. When installing these parts will not be necessary and fitting the trim, they are ideal, respectively problems with the operation of the same will not happen. One should pay attention to the selection, to know exactly the degree of wear, competent experts in the disassembly always provide accurate information and give warranty on parts.
A large number of the so-called avtomorgov offer whole b / various parts of imported cars in good condition. Throughout the world, this practice has long adopted and more people pay attention on those parts with a showdown rather than the Chinese low-quality fakes.
How not to drown in the abundant offerings unique in the auto market, to navigate and choose the best option? It is clear that particularly acute problem of the owners of imported cars, and the difficulty is, oddly enough, in a wide range and are often used interchangeably, but also in confusion with unique codes and part numbers. This happens because many of the major suppliers of unique numbers vary manufacturer and recorded in its database details under other articles.
What to do? Internet shop is not a panacea, but it can be much easier to find and save time. Since the request is received from the buyer, an online store in its structure more clearly organized and managers owning the special software, having a base and using cross-program Protsenko, can give better and more detailed proposal. And today there are special sections in the catalogs of stores where goods are offered b / y.
Web service Protsenko allows virtually all stages of work with the buyer to provide a full and clear answer to the question of availability, cost, delivery time, which is required by the buyer from the manager. So even if you decide to buy a used / Parts not in a hurry to look for offline, online shops such subdirectories and special notice boards.


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