In today's market realities of the business of selling parts exist in a very tough competition. Therefore, the struggle for the buyer is becoming ever more acute. For a successful business in this market segment need to use all the tricks and techniques of promotion and advertising, both for goods and services provided by your company.

Before we talk about your advantages compared to the competition should consider the general principles of the online store for the sale of spare parts.

The main difference of the store from the shopping area, realizing other goods is - a program for automobile dealer, the purpose of which help the user to choose the desired detail for his car. Usually, the developers are ready available both free and paid directories for the selection of parts, depending on the make and model of the type of engine and vehicle model year. It is very important to have high-quality spare parts catalog for your site on the selection of spare parts in case of errors in the selection of the necessary parts, the client will appeal to a different online store. If there was such a case, it is necessary to provide a basic catalog of the comments on the possible incompatibility.

The ability to supplement the base directory commentaries sales staff and customers with appropriate moderation by the store administrator can give your store a few extra balls in the fight against competitors. Firstly, the presence of comments makes the site for the sale of spare parts more human, in the nature of man lies the need to advise and receive advice. Second, the ability to add comments to users, allow you at no additional cost (work in moderation does not count) to fill your website is a unique material, which in turn will promote it in the rankings of search engines, especially if slightly adjust the comments, adding the necessary keywords .

Separately want to say about such a popular service on the sites for the sale of automotive parts as Protsenko.

The essence of this service is to provide the user information on the availability and price of this item for other exchanges. Many online stores are able to run the script automobile dealer who collects the information from the pre-specified resources. Giving users the ability to compare prices at different trading venues, you, first, earning a reputation as a fair and honest seller who is not afraid of competition. Secondly, in Protsenko you can not show all the resources of the competition, but only those that are beneficial to you, that is, with higher prices or more delivery time, as well as the position of the status is not available. Thirdly, the presence of links to competing resources also raises the rating of your store in search engines, which is also important.

In conclusion, I want to pay special attention to the final price of spare parts for the buyer. If your store delivers parts to the address of the buyer, it is desirable to indicate the cost of delivery next to the price details. Numerous studies consumer behavior in online shops show that more than 60% of failures from the purchase of goods in the basket selected comes after asking price delivery. Also found that most are willing to buy products in stores with free shipping. The second most popular is the version with free shipping after making purchases over a certain amount.


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