Margin – an opportunity to learn in the program for the presence of the required automobile dealer to the customer parts from different suppliers, as well as the price for it, its possible analogues and delivery times.


The manager of the online store refers customers to specific auto parts. What happens in the case if the store no module to search for parts from suppliers? The manager looks for part of its code, if there is this auto parts in stock, or maybe available in its counterpart. If not, the conscientious manager starts the search of suppliers in the price - printed or electronic, as well as on the websites of suppliers. If the manager is suitable for auto parts, he already creates an order for the client, copying the data from the supplier. As usual auto parts store manager works with the client?
What do you think, how long it takes this search? No less than 15 minutes, and probably more. A client is often a result of not receiving a specific answer, the manager invites him to leave the phone to call back later when the desired item is found at any supplier.

If the program is installed in your unit Protsenko, the manager can not only see the availability of the parts on their own stock, but also to make an instant request to all suppliers. As a result, it receives information in the form convenient for working table that shows which vendors sell this piece, at what price, are there any of its counterparts, whether there is a spare part available or how long it will take delivery. And then he can appropriately give the customer a detailed response.

Moreover, when the client himself is looking for the goods in the online store, it sees its presence not only in the stock of the store, but he is not aware of it, and in the warehouses of suppliers is already at a premium shop that set by the administrator. You do not have to upload to the online store website All price suppliers, simply connect them to your store.

Many software developers for custom focus on integration of auto parts and do not provide a module for Protsenko - Search for auto parts suppliers, their analogues, prices and terms of delivery.

We think a tool like Protsenko - an important module, so in our program "Seller-parts of the Russian Federation" has such an option, which allows our customers - shops for the sale of spare parts and car service, working with the maximum number of suppliers and does not carry Protsenko price lists manually.

Thanks to this feature, our customers can build a successful business, always keep before the eyes of the actual picture of the availability of parts from suppliers with prices and possible counterparts. What is substantial savings of time and money.



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