Getting in trouble or facing an emergency situation with unexpected problems in the vehicle, someone goes to auto repair, car repair shop in the familiar, while others immediately after new details. Of course, the failure - it is always unpleasant and normally that all car owners trying to repair it as quickly as possible. But then you can get trapped. When impulsive purchases "all new" urgent repairs and wasted much larger amount than you would pay reasonable approaching the issue.

Experts know how not to overpay. Firstly, in the case of an accident, many details are subject to recovery. Practice shows that the restoration of parts - it's better than bought b / y, because you know exactly how it was worn out, but in the studio it will do almost new. If the machine is an older model, you may have another problem - ceased to produce parts and you simply can not find the desired item, there's showdown b / the machines is the only place to look. Of course, in such a situation, each decides for himself.

Second, often stereotyped new details come across terrible quality. Previously, we were confident in the quality and reliability of our car industry. Now traced global trend to reduce production costs. As a result, the quality of Chinese products is not satisfactory.

What can be changed on the disassembly?

In each group, there are parts fundamentally important elements that can not buy a used / y. If we talk about the fact that under the hood, the belts, thermostats, pumps, parts of the cooling system can not be used to take. With respect to the chassis in any case can not take b / y amplifiers, cylinders, cables, ball bearings, bearings, ie the elements of the complex in appearance that you can not determine their suitability. Used parts of the body, too, must be taken with caution. Such parts as doors, fenders, hood often suffer in an accident, and there is a risk to buy a battered, peening detail. Since you can not know in what conditions, and how well restored this element, it is better not to buy it. Identify previously battered and repainted part is not difficult, for this is measuring the thickness of paint. It is necessary to make several measurements - to the buyer of the car on its roof. If there are serious differences, it means that this item has already been repainted.
List of course is quite long, but there are many elements that you can safely buy used. In the first place buy items that are not dependent on traffic safety - these are elements of the passenger compartment. For machines with light upholstery often suffers from the ceiling, and clean it perfectly almost impossible, even buy handlebars, small elements of locks, keys, light bulbs, used in great demand / the chair. As the body can take the lights, headlights, mirrors, hoods, awnings made of plastic. The main part of the engine under the hood of course, it can be purchased as a whole or in separate parts, such as the engine block or head unit.


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