Internet users at least once, but have heard about such interesting engines like Joomla, Wordpress, Bitrix, Drupal. In fact, a lot of them, we have identified only the main. All of these programs are related to the functioning of the site, but not only. The purpose of this article - to explain the need for the user to use these engines.

CMS - what is it?

CMS stands for Content Management Software, translated means "content management system". That is, this program helps simplify the management of site content, with no need for the involvement of any special skills, and values.

CMS has two main functions:

forming pages for users;
participates in the management of site content.
More recently, web sites consisted of a small number of pages. To change the contents, it was necessary to log in with the code and make changes on the spot. This is a difficult process for people who have no skills. Therefore, the work on the site involves specialists: programmers and coders. As a result of this cooperation was broken privacy policy and the security of the company and the process changes to the site takes a huge amount of time. After a time, the speed of updates has come to play a decisive role. On the pages began to appear drawings, charts, audio and video. It is clear that without special tools content management is difficult to manage. the solution was a system of CMS.

The operating principle of the work of content management system

Sites created through the principles of CMS, does not represent the scattered pages. Many valves vary depending on the design of the site, even though the structure itself does not change. The request is formed by taking into account certain parameters such as whether the user is logged in, what kind of information he was looking for before that and so on. For example, before the user makes a purchase of a product from the online shop, so the new pages it will have displayed similar goods or articles. CMS protects any action site, prevents the accumulation of spam and carries a tremendous amount of extra work that is not a user sees. And the work is done quickly, without delay, the speed of information, so the user will not go to another site in the search for solutions to their problem.

The site may dispense with the services of CMS with the proviso that it consists of a single page. But in the case of expansion of the site can be difficult. If you need to change any of the information, you will need to go to each page, enter the code and replace data, such as a phone number, a link to a specific address. But the owner of the CMS system is enough to look into his admin and change the data, based on the instructions provided.

Types of CMS

CMS can be paid and free, open and encrypted code. Paid clock system is accompanied by technical assistance and support. CMS improved and upgraded regularly, so each version safe when compared with free alternatives.

But the free version of CMS offers many advantages, which do not require payment. In general, the version of CMS huge amount. Each of them is chosen according to their own needs and quality criteria.


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