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We offer a turnkey solution (development of online auto parts store), intended for trading as the auto parts and spare parts in general.
Software for the automobile dealer It consists of server software that is easy to install on any specialist Unix-like system with the presence of the compiler PHP, additional standard modules, which have in any hosting provider and database MySQL. These software packages are open source (open source software), and due to this, the decision to become an economical and fault-tolerant.

If you have difficulty in installing or operating in developed store, our specialists are always ready to help and answer your questions. We are interested in the further development of the product, so in the case of detection of defects, we are ready to remove it as soon as possible.

The composition of the software for auto sales:

The buyer’s account includes


Search parts of the database, and then outputting the requested article and analogues, alternative products, crosses ( Aftermarket ). 

2. Search of spare parts from suppliers.
Works via the API module, which allows you to connect all suppliers who have a website or Web-based services.    

3. The unique filter parts.
Allows real-time filtering the data obtained from both the downloaded price lists and vendor.

Automatically grouping them, allows you to find the best deal.

4. Intelligent database search: in finding removes unnecessary elements, for that would find the position.

5. VIN-parts request.

6. Auto spare parts.
catalog integrated with known system directory, which allows your customers to choose E-catalog.

7. The ability to connect any other directories.

8. Ability to work with a store on unregistered user.

9. Quickly and quietly check the customer during the order process.

10. Discounts customers.

11. Regular customer registration.

12. Order payment by electronic money and plastic cards.

13. Selection of delivery condition.

14. View balance client. The client can check your balance and view payment history. Check the balance can only registered customers.

15. Ability to track all transactions through a personal account, as well as view the status of orders.

16. Order goods through the basket.
The client generates and places an order, what the system will notify the administrator who, in turn, takes the order and leads him to reflect status in the On-Line.

17. On-Line Advising on his car.
It allows the store manager to choose the most appropriate client item or make a recommendation to.

18.The system reviews.
The client can leave feedback about the store, and the administrator, under the administration decides on its publication on the website. This module enhances customer loyalty and allows you to track the performance of the manager.


19. Request used parts.

20.Editor of personal data.

21. Mail notification.

22. Ability to work with the site as a non-registered customers at retail prices, and registered customers (logged on to the site using your login and password) with exposed administrator column wholesale prices.

23. The client can always view their personal account on the site:

The status of the individual order items and the status of the order as a whole, in a convenient intuitive interface.
Financial statistics, debt and replenishment of the customer. We made a detailed & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the statistics for all transactions in order to avoid disputes with the client. All data is displayed in a convenient, intuitive table.

24. SEO directory that allows you to promote a shop in the Internet.

25. Multilingual website.

26. Section news.

27. Вanners.
The main objective of banners - the message across to the target audience about new services, products, to raise the rating of the new brand image. To provide customers with information about new and interesting useful suggestions store promotions.

28. Accessories catalog.
advantages of this directory is that the client may at any time to quickly find and order the necessary goods (Navigators, tires, oil, wheels, etc.). Directory allows you to sell goods similarly as in the usual online store.

29. own API.
It allows customers to connect their software to the store to automatically Protsenko and order goods from you. It allows you to build a dealer network of stores.

30. Help to find parts.
helps users decide to find car parts.


Administrative section


1. Import price lists in online store formats in Excel (exl), csv, txt, xml without restrictions. Limited only by the resources of the server. Download your mail and server supplier.

2. Unloading of price lists from the store, edit and use for other purposes.

3. Fast processing and loading of price lists by using templates price lists. Read more..

4. The ability to "substitution of information" in the price lists. For example, the supplier is not specified brand items, but you know that the entire price list belongs to one brand, set the substitution of information and the price list to be loaded with your data as you need.

5. Adding auto parts suppliers, warehouses. 

6. The ability to edit markups and delivery to supplier.

7. The ability to edit markups and delivery terms for price-lists.

8. Edit the status of each order item.

9. Edit the status of the whole order.

10. Keeping customers.

11. Working with the different languages of the site.

12. Maintaining order in the "single window".
For convenience, the store manager can be in one window by using filters to track all orders, their status and edit customer data.

13. The ability to add the item to the order without creating a product in the shop - simply enter the information and the product appears in order.

14. Combining orders.
For your convenience, orders, this function will combine multiple orders into one single customer, if the customer has made some orders row.

15. Quick search order: order number, item ordered parts Name customer telephone number or the email client, as well as exposed by the store manager to order status.

16. page Editor.

17. Using the SMS gateway.

18.Adding their "Aftermarket". This functionality is made for the formation of its base crosses (analogs) of past connected to the site.

19. Print ordering information.

20. Establishment of discounts to customers, grouping them by columns of discounts.

21. Recharge the client, regardless of the payment method.

22. Automatic and manual cancellation of client's money.

23. Financial customer data.

24. Unloading customer base in the format csv. Will conduct market research and advertising companies.



25. The ability to take into account the actual availability of the warehouses by writing down the number of items involved in the orders, the total amount of the price list.

26. Formation of orders to suppliers.

27. Adding and editing pages and sections & nbsp; Site.

28. SEO optimization content.
built-in mechanism for website optimizers online store.

29. Price policy.
It allows you to build a linear mark-up on goods. As an example: in the parts cost $ 50-100, you can make a margin of 50%, and the cost of parts $ 5000-10000, you can make a margin of 25%.

30. Base VIN user requests.
Allows you to view and respond to user requests by VIN number.

31. Base of used queries similar to VIN, but made for parts for used.

32. Price request.
Allows you to view the list of requests for prices for products that are not you or your suppliers available. Allows you to reduce the loss of customers, contact them and offer analog item.

33. Search items for the store manager.
Allows you to choose the item promptly advise clients on the phone or located directly in the store. The manager can protsenit necessary detail in a single window for all postavschiikam that are connected to the store. Choose offer and place your order.

34. "My presence" - to issue priority is given to show the positions regardless of the price and delivery time to your presence, allowing to accelerate the sale of your goods.

35. "Take into account the amount of stock on hand" - the function allows you to organize your warehouse management. Consider the number of items sold.

36. Currency converter - allows you to set the exchange rate for the supplier. Automatically converting the price for the end customer.

37. Auto Price list - a unique, automatic download price lists from the server vendors. Under the supplier made a rule that the program will automatically download price lists from the server supplier. This will save time and increase the relevance of the base price lists in the store.

 38. Export Price list - allows you to organize e-mail price lists to your customers, as well as upload price lists on various servers. It allows you to adjust different prices.

39.Own API, which allows you to connect to third-party software store. To build a dealer network of stores.

40. Sign on behalf of the client to the site.
Allows the manager on behalf of the customer to make a purchase.

41. Payment systems - can regulate the operation of payment systems, to describe and to add payment terms. Logging On-Line Payment.

42. User rights.
Allows empower users, assign them to different roles.

43. Accessories Catalogue.
allows you to sell goods, as in "normal online store." You can add your own products with a description and photo of the goods. Quickly deployed and scaled.

44. SEO Directory - a unique design, which allows you to successfully promote your online shop on the Internet. Quickly deployed and scaled.

45. Documentation.
special resources to help work with e-shop. In it, we have gathered all the necessary instructions and recommendations for the successful operation and increase sales of your store.

We have listed the most popular modules that from the first minutes of work will help you to start making money on the sale of spare parts via the Internet.
The platform can build upon for their goals.
Details of the purchase and installation of our program for the sale of spare parts script online auto parts store span> & nbsp; You can find out by contacting our specialists. Our contacts here.


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