Modern business is the sale of spare parts is one of the most complex and interesting. The success of its development is largely determined by the presence of the owner of the business program for the selection of auto parts. But the development of such software is very laborious and lengthy process.

The program for the automobile dealer to be comfortable to use and bring its owner a financial benefit, should have a huge number of features. One of the most important among them is the quality of the user interface.


The main characteristics of this interface are:

  • Availability. The most important design element of the program parts. Users (auto parts store employees and customers) need to interact with the program without spending a lot of time and the fastest way to get the desired results. That is, the interface should be intuitive. Otherwise, users will be disappointed, as the business of selling parts suffer losses.
  • Minimalism. If the user interface is flooded with a large number of controls that its application will have a long time to study the documentation. But it is hardly possible in today's conditions of constant shortage of time.
  • Confidence. In other words it is necessary to try to be able to work with the program for the selection of auto parts with the fewest errors.
  • Responsiveness. The response to user actions must take place with the minimum delay time, even in the case of slow Internet. In addition, you must understand what happens as a result of certain actions.
  • Context. Design sections of the program for the selection of spare parts must comply with its intended purpose of the selected partition. For example, in the Personal Area store you want to display information about make an order, their status, financial statistics, etc. And in the case of section Protsenko - show data on analogues and delivery of parts in the most convenient form for analysis.
  • Attractiveness. Qualitative user interface should be attractive, the colors used in it do not have to cut the eye, it should not be pretentious and call rejection. Working with the program for the selection of spare parts should be enjoyable and pleasure.
  • Efficiency. It should be possible to achieve the desired result with the least effort.
  • Condescension. It is necessary to provide competent treatment of errors made by the user in the course of their work. Also, try as much as possible to protect the data from careless actions.

Summarizing all the above, we note that the main thing in the development of online auto parts store - a concern for the user. Programs for automobile dealer "Shop Avtozapchastey.RF" has all the properties listed above, when designing the cornerstone was put the convenience of users. That is why we recommend that you use it to improve their business by selling auto parts.


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