Choosing a mobile application for owners of small and medium businesses is difficult. The price issue is not interesting giant companies, they employ an integrated approach, at the same time significantly overpaying. How to find a reasonable way to use a mobile version of the site.

The struggle between the mobile site and mobile application

The question today is relevant and useful, the gadget becomes an extension of all human actions. Internet access for everyone - this is a common action, so it would be desirable to obtain high-quality image and practical management services.

Mobile version for phones are created to increase the rate of acceptance of the Internet, image enhancement, and other pleasures. Since mobile devices are not watching a video, only forward the messages, documents, doing some shopping. Mobile applications allow you to quickly find the information items from the online store, and so on. For this they are very fond of this person. Simplicity and convenience attract them, but does not result in new customers.

The struggle between the mobile version of the site and a conventional site

Mobile version of the site and a conventional site differ from each other on many key parameters. First of all, it concerns the layout. Much has been said that the picture quality on your phone. Therefore, the material on the screen is structured, has developed many methods. The information is divided into thematic blocks and sections of the contacts and the basket are always at hand.

The code page to be the easiest. Get rid of unwanted scripts, because they need to use the resources of the device, and it forces to expend a lot of energy. As a result, the battery will often sit down and some of the technology will not be supported.

Graphics and multimedia is used at least. Let the page is loaded faster than any supercharged site. This attractive and mobile versions. Dedicated data entry keys to help users quickly find their way. A rare visitor to search the buy button or shopping cart with great zeal. It should be borne in mind that it still needs to get a finger. And if it's time to move in a car or do other things ... it is clear that the process of entering data plays an important role in site usability.

Very handy when mobile version of the site is located on a separate subdomain.

Creating a mobile website

The principle of creating a version of the site for mobile devices is exactly the same as when creating a standard website. But it is necessary to know the specific refinements and reservations. First of all, we should determine which version of the application will suit you the most. The most relevant parameter to select an application is its accessibility. Through this medium and small businesses will be able to attract new visitors.
Site must lose all the unnecessary, to be useful and functional, to be comfortable to use. Design - simple, with only one caveat, it should be tasted. For this purpose, corporate symbols, the minimum graphics.

About layout we have discussed today. Recall that it must be adequate to the mobile device. As the main content using a common database. Testing work with different browsers directly affects the cost of the entire development of the mobile version.

What can be concluded?

Version of the site that are different from mobile devices are needed. It is not a fad, it is a natural necessity, given user needs and technology development. Mobile website and mobile app solve the same issues, but the cost of their services is different. Mobile version of the site interesting and attractive for users:

site becomes easy, as not overloaded with graphics;
acquires functionality;
optimized for mobile gadgets.


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