Aftermarket / cross / replacement
parts database

Aftermarket/cross/replacement parts database

The database of analogues, auto parts crosses or as it is also called aftermarket is a structured information database that allows you to show the applicability of auto parts to each other.

The database contains replacement parts for cars and special equipment.

You can test our database of crosses here:


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Number 1 Brand 1 Number 2 Brand 2

Base Characteristics:

  • Cleaned base - no junk!

  • Has 4 columns: Number(Art) 1, Brand 1, Number(Art) 2, Brand 2

  • Database size in MYSQL ~6 GB

  • The volume of records ~80 million lines

  • Delivery formats: mysql dump, csv with delimiter - ;

  • Latest update - every hour

What is cross-country auto parts, aftermarket?

In fact, the database of analogues of auto parts is a structured data table of crosses. Which has a large amount of information, which is the inconvenience of working with this database directly. Therefore, for comfortable work with this database, they use application software, whether it be special programs or an online auto parts store website.

How do programs for the database of spare parts analogs work?

During the search for auto parts, a cross program or a website interacts with a database of auto parts analogues. As a result, the data of the crosses are compared and the result is given. Depending on the type of program or site, this data can be compared with the downloaded price lists, thereby providing only the desired results.

Types of database analogues of auto parts?

There are the following databases of analogues:

  • A base that works through an API service, a server of analogues. The base is not located at the client, a subscription is bought to it. Which makes it possible to work with the database without installing it on a computer.
  • Database in csv, text or MySQL database format. Allows you to download the database of analogues to your computer or server. Connect your program. Work directly, without the use of third-party resources.

Database of analogues from ZapScript

Having extensive experience in the field of auto parts, we are forced to collect and maintain an up-to-date database of cross-country spare parts.

How we do it - we collect information from various sources, suppliers and more and more often sent files of analogues of manufacturers' databases. We analyze the received information, filter it. Uploading to our database.

Our base or TechDoc?

  • TechDoc is a base with brands that have entered into agreements with TechDoc and pay them annual membership fees, for which TechDoc checks their certification. If fees are not paid, the brand will be deleted. The advantage of TechDoc is the purity of quality brands.

  • The ZapScript database is compiled from various sources, with no membership fees. The obvious advantage is in the number of brands, since not all brands can afford to be in the TechDoc database.
  • How to buy a database of auto parts, analogs, crosses, aftermarket?

    To purchase a database of analogues of auto parts - contact the specialists of our company, we are ready to advise you on the choice of the type of database.

    Our contacts: HERE