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    We want to tell you how to buy an online store of auto parts and spare parts for equipment.

    First of all: you need to decide on the purpose of buying a store. Understand what it is for. Usually, the following tasks are assigned to him:
    -Attracting new customers;
    -Improving customer service;
    -Optimizing the work of company employees;
    -Analysis , data collection;
    -business card;
    -i d.r.

    Second: based on tasks, you can focus on the functionality and design of the future site.
    If at the first stage of buying an online auto parts store you can try to figure it out on your own, then at the second stage we recommend contacting specialists.

    Third stage: is very important, it is worth forming tasks on it, if possible, compiling a Terms of Reference. Agree on the budget.

    Fourth stage: drawing up and concluding a contract, making payment on it.

    Fifth stage: development - designers, layout designers and programmers do their job. At this time, you need to be in touch to consult with the artist.

    Sixth stage: acceptance of work.

    Seventh stage: consultations help in mastering the purchased online store.

    Our key feature: we accompany clients at every stage of work, achieving results, we do the work efficiently and on time!