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Zapscript -Professional

Making a purchase of a spare parts store

    Shop version Zapscript - Professional v 2.0.
    Price: 1100 USD.

    Purchasing a license for non-exclusive perpetual use.
    The license is tied to a domain (website name), which can be changed Free of charge, no more than once a month.
    After payment, you will receive: perpetual right to use the program, program code with a basic template (demo.zapscript.ru) and a database in the form of download access, installation instructions, instructions for use.


  • -template installation by our specialists;
  • -design editing;
  • -consultation;
  • -module edits;
  • -provider connection;

  • Recommended server requirements: Platform space 20 Gb, RAM - 2 Gb, OS Debian or Cent OS, PHP , MySQL, Nginx - Apache, SMTP server or gateway, CRON and exec access (for creating tasks, automatically downloading data from vendors, checking mailboxes, etc.).
    Platform written: Language – PHP using framework YII

    Source code - not encrypted, fully transmitted!

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