The program for the sale of auto parts / PHP script online auto parts store

Search for auto parts

The built-in search engine allows you to find auto parts from suppliers and in the databases of analog auto parts (crosses). Sort and arrange positions for effective sales.


SEO promotion modules

The program is rich in various SEO modules for website promotion. Unique mechanisms that allow you to increase sales!


Auto parts E-catalogs

There are already e-catalogs built into the system. But if necessary, it is possible to connect third-party e-catalogs. And also, with the help of a "unique catalog", you can create your own.


Automatic download of price lists

Allows you to download price lists from the supplier's server or from your mailbox, without the participation of an administrator!


All features


Search for auto parts in the database, with the subsequent output of the requested article and analogues, crosses.

Supplier search

It works through an API module that allows you to connect any providers that have their own website or Web services.

Unique filter

Allows real-time filtering of the received data both from the downloaded price lists and from the supplier.

Smart search

Intelligent search in the database: during the search, removes unnecessary elements in order to find the desired position

VIN inquiry of auto parts

Request to search for spare parts by VIN number of the buyer's car

Auto parts catalog

The catalog is integrated with a well-known catalog system, which allows your customers to pick up auto parts

Online payment

Payment for the order using electronic money and plastic cards

Ordering goods through the basket

The client himself forms and places an order, about which the system notifies the administrator, who, in turn, accepts the order and maintains it, reflecting the statuses in On-Line

On-line consulting

This section is designed so that the store managers can choose the most suitable part for the client or give a recommendation.


Allows you to flexibly form pricing policies, making discounts to customers.


Allows you to set the terms of delivery, different transport companies. Delivery by mail, courier.

Working with P.U.

This function will allow you to sell used spare parts. Organize an auto-debrief.

SEO promotion

Modules for website promotion are already built in.

Oil catalog

Built-in catalog of oils.

Maintenance catalog

Built-in auto parts catalog for maintenance.

Tire catalog

Built-in tire catalog.


Ability to add promotional materials.

Accessories catalog

The advantages of such a catalog are that the client, at any time, can quickly find and order the goods he needs (navigators, tires, oils, disks, etc.). The catalog allows you to sell goods in the same way as in a regular online store.


Allows customers to connect their software to the store, for automatic pricing and ordering goods from you. Allows you to build a dealer network of stores.


Possibility to create a website in several languages.

Download price lists

Import price lists to the online store, in Excel, csv, txt, xml formats without restrictions. Can be automatically downloaded from: mailbox, ftp, server, etc. Limited only by server resources.

Uploading price lists

Allows you to download price lists from the store already with your margin. Automatically select the best prices. Make a single price list to send to zzap or send to customers.

Template program

Processing and downloading price lists using the price list template program.

Client management

Accompanying customer orders. Formation of primary documentation for accounting.

Combining orders

In cases of an erroneous order, it can be deleted or combined with another, at the request of the client.


Allows you to use different currencies.


Integration with accounting software. Unloading leftovers. Receiving orders. (option)


Reports on financial and other transactions.

Orders to suppliers

Formation of orders to suppliers.

Site Editor

Adding and editing pages and sections of the site. As in a Word document.

Price policy

Allows you to build a non-linear margin on the goods. As an example, for $50-100 parts you can mark up 50%, and for $5000-10000 parts you can mark up 25%.

User Request VIN Base

Allows you to view and respond to user requests by VIN number of the car.

Price request

Allows you to view a list of quotation requests for items that you or your suppliers do not have in stock. Allows you to reduce the loss of customers, contact him and offer an analog detail.

Login on behalf of the client

Allows the manager on behalf of the client to place an order in the store.


Allows you to work with brands.


Allows you to open branches. Build special conditions for them.

My presence

The function allows you to give priority to the goods in your warehouse. Exclude supplier price dumping.


Website hack protection.


Launching an online store in 1 day

Minimum server requirements: Web server, Cron, PHP, MySQL.
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